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Drive highly converting traffic to your website with targeted pay per click advertising

Google Ads

Google ads is amazing for targeting customers in the search results whether you are a local or national business. The great thing about Google ads is that you can target specific keywords that people are searching. What this means is that each click you get from Google Ads, is a potential buyer. For example, when advertising for a plumber we can target the search term “plumber near me”, or “leaky faucet repair”, if people are searching for these terms, they are buyers in heat, and with a fully optimized website you can turn them into a customer. We can also target specific age groups, areas on the map, and get even more targeted in our Google ads campaigns. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and instagram ads are amazing for brand awareness, and retargeting. We create goal oriented Facebook and Instagram ads, with eye catching images and videos. 


When a potential customer visits your website from Google Ads or organic search, and they don’t convert into a lead, what do you do? One of the best things to do is called retargeting. Once a potential customer visits your website, we are able to start advertising Facebook ads, and Instagram ads by tracking their web browser cookies. Since they initially had buyers intent, we can advertise coupons to them, or remind them to checkout, and more. Retargeting has the highest conversion rate. 

Conversion Tracking

If you are not tracking conversions from your pay per click advertising campaigns, you are most likely wasting money. A conversion can be a call, a form submission, a coupon download, and more. If you are not tracking if your clicks are turning into leads, then how do you know if your pay per click campaign is successful? Rank Local Now can create highly converting pay per click marketing campaigns for your business, contact us today to learn more!

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