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Increase Leads and grow revenue by outranking local competitors on Google. 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is all about increasing search visibility (mainly on Google) for businesses that serve their communities face-to-face. These can be brick and mortar businesses like lawyers, accountants, cell phone repair stores, restaurants, and dentist’s offices. Or they can be service-based businesses that go to their customer’s locations like plumbers, electricians, contractors, and home improvement companies. Increasing search visibility to local customers is the key to success for any local business. 

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Let’s say your cell phone cracks from a drunk night out, and now your phone is practically useless. What is the most likely thing you do? You hop onto Google and start looking for local cell phone repair shops to fix your phone. The first companies that show in the search results are going to get all the business. This concept can be used for any local business. Local SEO is so important because there are potential customers searching every single day in your area for your services, and every day you are not in front of them is dollars lost. 

How effective is local SEO?

You can build an entire business off of local SEO, and I am living proof. I am the owner of Rank Local Now, and I am also the owner of 2 cell phone and computer repair stores. Local SEO amounts to 40%+ of my store’s revenue, and my method has been tried and tested. When people are searching on Google for services or products, they are HOT buyers, and if you cannot capture and convert them into customers then you are missing out on a huge revenue stream.

Google My Business Optimization and what is it?

Every local business should create and optimize their Google My Business. Google My Business (GMB) is Google’s way of displaying local businesses near potential customers. Having a fully optimized GMB is essential because it is the biggest revenue stream for your local business online.

GMB Knowledge Graph

When doing a branded search such as the business’s name, a knowledge graph will show from your GMB, and will display information about the business on Google. This knowledge graph is continuously being updated with new ways to describe and sell your business to potential customers. You can make create posts, add products and services, display reviews, opening hours, and even communicate with potential customers on your GMB. It is the most powerful local SEO tool. Contact Rank Local Now to grow your Google My Business rankings!

GMB Local Pack

Getting into the GMB local 3 pack is the holy grail of local SEO. The reason is that the local 3 pack always displays at the top of the search results for local keywords. Rank Local Now can rank your business in the local 3 pack in your city/town, and surrounding areas and this alone will bring you a new revenue stream.
google my business local pack

Google Maps

When potential customers search within Google maps on their cell phone, or on the Google Maps website, businesses are are fighting for rankings. Ranking within Google Maps is very powerful because they usually have the intent to get directions and go to your local business.

Local Business SEO Reporting

GMB Tracking

Google My Bussiness (GMB) is the lead generation king for local businesses. For all of our clients, we track the progress of their GMB rankings. In this screenshot, we show one of our client’s GMB rankings. Each data point shows our client’s GMB rankings in that exact location on the map. This type of data allows us to know which areas on the map we need to focus on, and skyrocket your GMB rankings. Rank Local Now can get your business to rank in a large radius, even in the most competitive areas.

Rank Tracking

Performing Local SEO without tracking keyword rankings is like running blind. After performing keyword research, and finding keywords with the highest search volume, we input your keywords into a keyword tracking software. Your keyword rankings are updated daily which allows us to track our progress as we rank you to the top of the search results. At the end of each month, we put together an SEO report including your Local SEO keyword rankings and the progress we made.

Backlink Tracking

Having a diverse and large backlink profile us extremely important when it comes to Local SEO. Backlinks can be in the form of citations which are business directory listings, guest posting, niche edits, foundation links, profile links, web 2.0’s, and more. Rank Local Now can build you a diverse backlinks profile, and acquire high authority backlinks which will skyrocket your rankings. 

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